Choka – Dreams (Dragons of Dreams Await)

Choka – Dreams (Dragons of Dreams Await)

Day draws to a close

Sun is dropping rapidly

The light is fading

Shadows reaching out for me

Pools of misery

The line between earth and sky

Overcome, is vanishing

Darkness calls to me

In cold sibilant whispers

Dread flows over me

Fear, a weight upon my soul

Holding me in place

The night is my battleground

The dragons of dreams await

© Ann Bagnall 2015.

Marine Dragon ©2011-2015 Isvoc

8 thoughts on “Choka – Dreams (Dragons of Dreams Await)

    1. Hi Dave – no I don’t usually dream of dragons – it has happened but it’s not an ongoing theme of my dreams. The dragons in this piece were more the ‘here be dragons’ kind, in line with the medieval habit of painting dragons on maps in dangerous or unexplored territories!

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      1. No I wish! Some images are mine but I always say if it is – otherwise I get them from free wallpaper sites. If the artist/photographer is named I caption the picture to include it but, but otherwise I have a statement in my copyright panel that gives all rights to the owner. When I posted this I found multiple versions of this but no artist details. When I read your note I thought I would do another search for it to see if I could locate it as you might like their other work too. I found it showcased on a Deviant Art site and the site owner said it was called ‘Marine Dragon’ by an artist called ‘Isvoc’. I have now found their site Perhaps you might like their other work! I have now been able to update my picture caption! Thanks! (I noticed they also have a dragon called ‘Dream Catcher’ – shame I didn’t find that first!!)

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      2. Wow, great work, Annie! I hope you didn’t get the idea that I was the copyright police… I was just asking because I loved it. Thanks for such a thorough job! I’m inspired by you. 🙂


      3. Haha! No – I always try hard with drawings and paintings to find the artist, even if it is later and I update the photo details. Just thought you might like their other work if I could find it sooner. Glad I did!

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