Hearts Falling Into Cherry Blossoms

Hearts Falling Into Cherry Blossoms

Blossoms scattered


Blown by the wind

They always come again

Dancing in the breeze

Ripples on the water


Forgotten colours


Of hanging branches

Drowning in beauty

Life ended

With dignity and splendour

Like fragranced silk

Made more beautiful

By their very brevity

Not an end

But an outpouring of life

Nothing lacking

Offering themselves

As in your absence

Your soul remain

Your voice stirs

You linger everywhere

Long after the candle dims

It lights the path of dreams

You follow me into sleep

Swirling silently

In my mind

As the wind

Is in the leaves

And the flowing stream

Is murmuring

Your sigh stirs



Such yearnings

From distant shores

We look upon the moon

Beneath this sky we share

And we are as raindrops

Merging with the sea

Past seen and unseen

Hearts beating as one


Of what lies out of reach


The cherry

Wildly scattering herself

Petal by petal

Day and night


Time passes

Without notice

We will meet again

On that path of dreams

The memory remains

We bloom and fall

And the wind lifts us up


After endless

Lonely year

© Ann Bagnall 2015 (Edited 2018).

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