Eternity Whispers

Eternity Whispers

Twilight comes to the forest

And you send an expectant prayer

To the wild moon, to the star filled sky

Arising, you turn, unsure and curious

Shadows fluttering like silken brambles

Dark memories, these are forgiven

As wounds from a hostile rose

Dust from flowers, dust from dreams

An endless desert of loneliness

I hear you calling across the years

Ancient and as lost as snowflakes

Melting upon the sea of desire

Never meeting, not knowing how

Yet the petals of hope are indestructible

Elysium, a wish encrusted jewel

It was many, so many years ago

How pleasant moments fly

Weak-winged is the song

That tells of old times

I sometimes wonder if it’s really true

If day is done, what shall we do now

The world turns in my hand

I cannot tell you now

It is short and sweet

And we’ve come to the end of it

Your eyes know the old doorways

As hungry spirits decline

We break the glass, whose crimson wine spills

And gently kisses the night

While the distant moon dances

And eternity whispers

From barren arches

© Ann Bagnall 2013.



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