Choka – Loss (In the Shallows of Longing)

In my lonely heart

Shadows roam amongst the light

And I hear your voice

Echoing beneath my dreams

For just a moment

There is nothing that I fear

Then a gentle touch

Follows over long seconds

When the silence roars

I feel a window open

A breath of jasmine

A world away from this place

And a soft sweet song

Floats in on an errant breeze

I am ankle deep

In the shallows of longing

Almost too lovely

To painful to be endured

Like sky meets the sea

We are forever entwined

In numberless ways

The promises between us

Haunt our restless souls

The ghost of your touch

Like a soft awakening

A candle flickers

Again the pain of parting

Nothing left to grasp

And I am falling once more

Descending like a lost leaf

Into the beyond

I cling to your memory

The tide tugs unseen

It is darkly beautiful

Just before the dawn

Grief weighs heavy upon me

You drift out of reach

Fragile and ever fading

Lost in the awakening

© Ann Bagnall


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