As I Descend

As I Descend

I see a shadow in the mirror

I think it’s me

How I remember falling

Ever falling

Without a resting place

Still clinging to the moment

And how it felt

To lay in ruins

The fragility of a heart

As I watch

The clock ticks to escape

There is the fragrance of jasmine

And the fire and I are dying

Each a slow death

But somewhere in the silence

The tides begin to turn again

And in the shadows

The blanket of time

Falls quietly

An echo flutters within me

A wave washes over me

And words fail

Worn like pebbles on riverbeds

Dreams form from a reality yet to be

From imaginings

Of infinite things

You move through my mind

Touch me

A tidal movement

Only here, I think

Could I have found you

Now a sunset

Drowning into darkness

Blending into the distance

Now a thousand shades of blue

A touch of silk

Now the moon melts

Slides into the sea without ripples

Now a breath of eternity

Like the whispers of the dawn

Now meadows draped in pastel hues

Catching fire in the morning sun

And now, you catch me

As I descend

© Ann Bagnall  2014.

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