Out of Reach

Out of Reach

Day by day

The blossoms fall

And devoid of self

Are free

Bright shades floating

In the wind

Red petals

Flutter past

Feathered with flames

Which the wind

Blows out

Everything is woven

In the moment


In the after breeze


As tears

They rain down


Rose hued showers

Colourful darkness

Final farewells

Fragrance drifting

Out of reach

© Ann Bagnall 2015.

Image: http://www.wall321.com/download/view?resolution=2560x1600&file=MTkyMHgxMDgwLzIwMTIwODI4L3RyZWVzIHB1cnBsZSBmYW50YXN5IGFydCBhc2lhIGFydHdvcmsgYW5pbWUgMTkyMHgxMDgwIHdhbGxwYXBlcl93d3cud2FsbDMyMS5jb21fNjguanBn&name=dHJlZXNfcHVycGxlX2ZhbnRhc3lfYXJ0X2FzaWFfYXJ0d29ya19hbmltZV8xOTIweDEwODBfd2FsbHBhcGVy

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