Wild Abandon

Wild Abandon

Soft and rolling

A shining, silken place

With a texture in and of itself

In hills and hollows

There is bold creation in abandon

A topography designed

By greater Gods

A landscape

Mountains, oceans

Stretching out forever

A golden desert

Sparse with vegetation

With rosy hues of morning

And of evening

And subtle, shadowed places

Where unexpected fires rage

Uncontrolled, unquenched

With warm precipitation

Raging torrents

Slicing through the heat

There is quiet contemplation

There is calm reflection

Cooling rain

But the caverns hidden deep within

Hold urgent, searing secrets

They seek discovery and satiation

This landscape is not for the faint hearted

It has pain and pleasure

There are trials, treasures

It is a paradise with plenty

Where we  may hold a single place

In memory forever

One sensation may resound

Together with a feeling

We can‘t quite recall

Yet feel it as the weather

We cannot hold it in our mind

For but a minute

But it holds us

Suspended in its grip

This place

This haunted, dark terrain

This place of bright exposure

This experience

This echo

Of something not yet forgotten

© Ann Bagnall 2014.


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