The Chalice of Seduction

The Chalice of Seduction

The transient

Ever travelling night

A chalice of seduction

Bathed in velvet delight

Quiet shadow kisses

The cold liquid sky

Runs like a river

Clouds splashed

Through twisting deep blue

Gossamer delusions

And soft, soft dreams

Remembered scents

And beds of blossoms

Echoes of laughter

The wind rings the air with ice

And outstretched hands

While the morning

Gently caresses

Black orchids, white jasmine

And roses of wine

Flickering awake

At the touch of the day

Within the shadows

Pale and empty arms

Eyes fathoms deep

Bending protectively

Turning waxen faces

Against the searching wind

As the night slides silently

Over the slowly

Bleeding horizon

© Ann Bagnall 2014.


2 thoughts on “The Chalice of Seduction

  1. I love way the honesty of the narrator rises and falls in “The Chalice,” as if I were floating, sinking, drowning, and ultimately awakened by a profound truth in which I awaken alone, naked, with no one but myself and my thoughts. You leave me reaching for a blanket, longing for an honest someone to whom I can cling and love forever. Someone whose eyes exude truth and compassion.


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