Ever Adrift

Ever Adrift

A gray mist predicts the rain

There is a rustle in the wind

Sadness is an uninvited guest

Peach blossoms are drifting down

Anomalous melancholy

I see myself reflected

In the stillness of the lake

And like the shadows on the wall

It reveals things

Once hidden in the light

Owing nothing at all to vision

Rising from the ripples

I find your face

Painted in colours

That only my heart could perceive

The light of your love

Rises from deep inside

Out of the pale gold sea of time

Over the countless steps

And years that separate

Like a rainbow in a stormy sky

A fragment of joy

But the lightest touch

Of a fallen, silken blossom

The vision is shattered

Like fragile glass

And you are lost to me again

Sailing away

Ever adrift in the aching void

© Ann Bagnall 2014.

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