On the Edge of the Night

On the Edge of the Night

A voice calls to me

From deep inside

Sets me to yearning

I recall the time

Before the fall

And my heart

Is filled with longing

I need you to return to me

But it is as if the earth

Could reach the moon

Or the sand

Bury the sea

The sky

Swallow the sun

I need to hear your breath

In the dark

And feel it on my skin

There is nowhere to hide

From these memories

It is a time

When dreams haunt me

And I wish to fade away

Every thread of thought

Is like the wind

Whispering through the eaves

Constant and comforting

Yet somehow distracting

Lazily drifting

On the edge of the night

And rolling in with the tide

© Ann Bagnall 2014.


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