Tanka – Night (7)

Tanka – Night (7)

A night filled with stars

Rising like a symphony

My soul is liquid

Flowing out into the dark

Into the deep voids of space

© Ann Bagnall 2015.


3 thoughts on “Tanka – Night (7)

    1. Thanks John – relatively speaking I am new to the Japanese forms but have been enjoying exploring them – I find I see things differently when I am out an about now and have to keep notes of words that come to me so I can use them later. It’s a very beautiful and satisfying way to write when you are in the right headspace for it!

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      1. I’m relatively new to them myself. I’ve written Haiku off and on for years, but only recently started writing them (and tanka) on any kind of regular basis. While I’m not sure they’d ever be my main form of expression, I do like them a lot. They help me focus and hone my skills as a writer. To write in just 3-5 lines you really need to cut out everything that isn’t necissary.


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