Ever More

Ever More

In an ever silent dream

Reaching ever more, for door after door

Beyond the trailing vapours

You can see the source, flickering

Weakly marking the path

Heart sighing as the last approaches

While the snow falls

Dazzling within the darkness

Achingly gentle

Ever more

Always the wrong door

Where in the end, any wind that blows

Has a trace of sadness

A sting of loss

A fragment of memory

Yet ever more

Searching for that door

From such dreams the night has fled

On softly blue ice

Drifting with destiny

Ringing with realisation

That door

That elusive door

Out of reach

Ever more

Ann Bagnall 2014.


4 thoughts on “Ever More

    1. Thanks John – if I ever get the time to publish again I will do as I did previously and make the e-books free – I have not made one since I started doing some of the Japanese forms so perhaps I should try (they are just so fiddly to create!!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I must too. I need a editor and time. I believe you would do well Annie. I believe world may change for the better. I don’t like Trump. But he had some balls and maybe the world need a strong USA leader. Maybe more jobs and improving education?


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