And Once Again

And Once Again

These days of melancholy

Of separation

Alone again

Time seems like winter

Pale and cold

And still

Absolutely still

And I feel like a whisper


Gone unnoticed

Or a heart too long broken

Abstaining from love

But always searching

For a single glowing spark

Aching for a greater desire

For everything

That made me need

That gave me all of me

Wishing it was given

Without consequence

Once again

My heart remembers

Recalls the joys

And the pain

It begins to dream

And its song

A sad refrain

Sends out a prayer

Upon the wind

Then I feel you

Feel you calling

Like the vibrations of a sigh

And as if caught

In a raging current

I feel your heart

Enfolding me

And again

Here is another day

Another lifetime

And once again

The seasons turn

And I am yours

And you are mine

Once again

© Ann Bagnall 2013.

Sure sign of Spring - Robin - Bird
Sure sign of Spring – Robin – Bird (Photo credit: blmiers2)

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