Visions of You

Visions of You

Awaking from an unremembered dream

That returns you to me

As the dawn creeps in

I hear the voice of your heart

I see the rush of things that call you

That bring you to my side

The feeling of wind on my face

Shimmering, pastel colours

Bedewed, velvet petals

A winding path

That leads to a secluded, quiet place

Looking into the ever wearying rain

To the full moon on a cloudless night

Waves crashing onto the shore

Again and again

Rolling a pebble in my hand

The lengthening shadows of dusk

A rose gold sunset, losing its strength

Bleeding into the far horizon

The first pale gleam of moonrise

The dark and silent places in the deep of night

The soft hours before sunrise

When sunshine melts the frost

Wind stripped branches

Stretching their hands

Into clear, cloudless heavens

Leaves spiralling downward

An explosion of red and gold

The quiet sound of rain falling on the roof

And warm, soft sand, underfoot

The gentle green softness of ever rolling hills

The cool feel of ancient walls, each stone in place

The sun on my back

When lightning flays the rooftops

When blossoms fall like rain

Windblown and tossed

Over broken branches and loose stones

When clouds continue endlessly

Trailing across the bluest of skies

Where the rivers of dreams flow dark

In the whispers of the night

The flow undermines all unwilling resistance

But is far from enough

To bridge the sighing distance

Yet I keep the visions of you

In some past life

I loved your name

And now

Syllable by syllable I strive

Its sweetness to regain

© Ann Bagnall 2014.


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