Handle Me Softly

Handle Me Softly

Handle me softly, for I am fragile and transient

Like a freshly budding fruit tree

At risk of sudden storms

Needing your protection

Embrace me with tenderness, as I am afraid

Like a newborn foal, unsteady

I am clumsy and can falter

Despite your indulgence

Keep me fast in your affection, lest I wither

Like a passion wrought from circumstance

I need constancy and light

Else I will fade

Adhere to the promise of your love, so I feel safe

Like the colours of the rainbow, shining clearly

I am but an illusion of the atmosphere

I exist only in your eyes

Hold me gently, that I might survive your presence

Like a snowflake, falling on the flames

I can last but a moment

In the warmth of your gaze

© Ann Bagnall 2013.


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