Every Breath

Every Breath

You are beside me, all my life

You walk with me

In all the hours of every day

And every lonely night

Through all the years we spend apart

Never near, but never absent

I know you

From deep inside and long ago

A love never uttered

Never spoken, never seen

I may not press you to my heart

But the winds give back to me

From a silence ages long

The music of your voice

And bring again

The haunting shadow of your face

Every breath that passes your lips

Will one day find its way to here

Then part of you, will be a part of me

The lonely shadows of all the things

That we have never said

That bind your heart to mine

I whisper only to myself

The echoes from your soul

Still remembered

The endings and beginnings

I have searched for you for lifetimes

I see you in my dreams

I know that you are waiting

Without the need to question why

You, the one who knows me best

You are with me, still with me

You live on in each beat of my heart

And life is once again

Sweetly flooded

With fragrance

© Ann Bagnall 2014.

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