Our Song

Our Song

Across the still and shimmering sky

There is an achingly silver moon

Adrift, as if in open seas

An inspiration to the darkness

My nights, they follow my days

And pass without emotion

But then, a shadow is thrown

A precious moment, lost to cloud

As the sky fades from blue to grey

And a gentle rain falls within

Clouds dissolve, unfolding the truth

Everything changing colour

It seems now but vacant space

His silence is unexplained

Like an old scar that continues to ache

Hours seem to pass slowly

This darkness travels afar

Like a blanket of ash

Our song, now carries upon the wind

Playing in the darkest shadows

Of my weeping heart

There is the scent of wild violet

And my tears fall as heavy as pearls

Like secrets

Whispered into a desolate wind

© Ann Bagnall  2014.


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