The Seasons Of My Past

The Seasons Of My Past

Liquid spheres are hung from leaf and twig

Reflecting all in each, and each in all

For single glistening instants

Everywhere, in the blue beyond

All the seasons of my past

Are rolled into this

This sky blue archetype of afternoon

The frieze of clouds, the sapphire skies


Hidden stretches of events that were buried

Leafing through chapters often read before

Illusive mists dissolve

And leave behind memory’s timeless fabric

The silken tissue which conceals

With diaphanous veiling

The layered sheets of haze that intervene

Leave no trace that he has ever been

I still linger as it darkens here

But yet still I cling

And still regret, regret

© Ann Bagnall and, 2012.

Image by Mark Josue
Image by Mark Josue

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