My Heart Remains Here

My Heart Remains Here

This trembling hand of mine

Holds the last tearstained letter

The only remembrance of a dream

That never lets this heart forget

I have returned many, many times

And here, alone, I think of you

Your footprints in time remain

A touch of beauty falls on me

As treasures laid deep in my soul

These thoughts appear

Then they melt away

Dancing through the dust

In the velvet winds

Amid the sighing trees

In the lost and lightless places

I remember, still

Those perfumes of night

Their final weary breathings

Knowing our lives are intertwined

My heart remains here

You are the flame of every candle

An ocean that roams ever free

And I feel the breeze of your passing here

© Ann Bagnall and, 2012.

English: A candle flame.
English: A candle flame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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