The Unrolling of Time

The Unrolling of Time

We linger long

On peaceful thoughts

In heaven’s shaded pools

Fragrant petals

Floating in memory

We hesitate

Upon the threshold of ecstasy

The path is threaded

With shining dew

While the moon

Circles aged, rolling hills

There is magic in the stars

And the willows

Everything is frozen for us


Shower the ocean of heaven

Strewn a thousand careless ways

Always without being heard

Their gleaming pattern

The lost music of the stars

They lie beautiful

Beating beyond love

A humming celestial forest

Shining like tears for us


Woven in shades of blue

A shade just less than love

Yet more than the oceans

A magnificence

Rain ripened, echoes free

Clouds roll in believing

Strangely motionless

Such a passion they blow

A temple

Filled with blossoms and stars

Light trickling

Everything revealing

A slow graceful dream for us

One light above

Is uncovering the question

One dream is

And will be again

A far sweet place

Hidden within stones

Of unseen days

And undreamed nights

Cold knowledge

Enriching sure thought

The shroud of ages falling


The ancient tree of knowledge

The answer

Like the frost, falls for us

Like the unrolling of time

© Ann Bagnall and, 2013.


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