Poppies Bloom

Poppies Bloom

 Standing at the edge of the unknown

The uncertainty of time

A ruthless foe

You grieve for what you’ve lost

Your face in the mirror

The reminder of an ebbing beauty

Brings to mind other losses

So many, too many

To catalogue

You feel a smile

In your heart

And see it creep

Across your brow

And shine

From deep within your eyes

All that has passed

And all that has been lost

Is not too painful to recall

The lines that mark your features

That with each searching thought

Deepen and appear

In places that reveal

Their origins

Those lines of pain

And pleasure too

Carved over decades

Of living

And love

Without them

Your canvas would be blank

Devoid of heart

And memory

These scars of life

These history books

You read them all

As they appear

And you hold to them

As precious jewels

For they are written

In your heart

Like poppies

That bloom for just a day

Then pass away

© Ann Bagnall and AnnieB222.com, 2014.


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