Never Enough Time

Never Enough Time

Endlessly wandering

In the undulating drifts

Of my mind

Where the all the aching echoes

Of the past remain

I have been searching

For faint traces

Of his footprints

But the passing years

Have taken them

It seems but an instant ago

He lived within my heart

But there was never enough time

To enfold myself in him

There were no colours rich enough

To paint him into memory

Does he linger too long

Upon yesterday’s shores?

Or does he simply drift

Too far to hear me calling?

Some moments fade

All too soon

Leaving not a trace behind

Some moments

Must await their time

In the silence of the night

They whisper

Like the sand speaks to the sea

With each slapping wave

They retreat

Into sleepless waiting

Becoming lost again

In the depths of my heart

© Ann Bagnall and, 2014.


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