Crystal Dreams

Crystal Dreams

 This place you saw

Once before, in a dream

A place where the silence

Restores the mind

A symphony of quietude


With white light movements

How they glide

Softly without a sound

Lighter than clouds

Uncoiling on a kind breeze

Before they fall slowly

So slowly

Rippling streams

Crystal clear

Clearer than the translucent sky

Winding, wandering

A walk

On a shimmering morning

A world of frost

Of ice, of snow

Of sheaves of glass

And endless mirrors

An illusory place

Beyond your reach

But you as you watch

The pictures of your dream


Are consumed

As the world sheds its winter sleep

And only the pale, frosty moon prevails

Were they ever real?

Or only shadows?

Like the silent introspection

That holds you through the night

Some questions

Are better left unanswered

Just dreams that decorate slumber


Scattered all around


By the vanishing snow

© Ann Bagnall and, 2014.


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