The Mirrors Of Time

The Mirrors Of Time

Glancing through the mirrors of time

Images from long ago

Fade imperceptibly, into one another

Suggestions of light

It is the beginning

And the shadow of things to come

Everything I touch

Is so far away

Yet closer than that

Everything I touch

In this enchanted stillness

Things of beauty

Are blended in perfection

Deep, reflective

Everything renders right

It is gilded filigree

Infinite tendrils of fate

Wound around the boundaries

Of this life

© Ann Bagnall and, 2012.

English: An image of Hoag's Object, a non-typi...
English: An image of Hoag’s Object, a non-typical galaxy of the type known as a ring galaxy, discovered in 1950 by astronomer Art Hoag, who initially thought it to be a planetary nebula. Serendipitously, from the perspective of our solar system what appears to be an even more distant ring galaxy is plainly visible within the gap between this galaxy’s central body of mostly yellow stars and the outer ring of blue stars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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