An Unspoken Promise

An Unspoken Promise

Warned by a footfall

In the deepest of dreams

I hear a familiar voice

Carried by a breath so sweet

Like the aching pull

Of a rippling tide

I hear you whispering

All the secrets of the universe

I drift even closer

Into the depths of your eyes

This is an emptiness

Where I can find myself

And you

For a single instant

My heart leaps to see your face

I know you, somehow

Alone in a room fragrant with roses

I let my thoughts pull you closer

You take my breath away

Many paths we have walked together

You are a presence that lingers

And transcends all

Something about you

Caresses my soul

There is an unspoken promise

And it touches me this day

It will never be the same

What else is there

Apart from this moment?

And I will remember you

For eternity

© Ann Bagnall and, 2012.

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