Part Of Me

Part Of Me

I do not think about you

But I feel you

Feel your presence

And your absence

All the same

Not just a picture

Or a disconnected portrait

In my mind

But integral, a part of me

In every minute of the day

I sense your presence

Dreams of tender kisses

Bring forth passion

And I feel you

Your hands upon my skin

Your lips upon my eyes

Your arms about me

Like a shield against the world

I feel your breath

Against my neck

And hear your whispers

In every breeze

I carry you within

Like my very heart

I hold on to all the things

That make you up

The good and bad alike

To let them drop

Would be to lose a part of you

And a part of me

Would fall away

I have always feared a greater love

Feared the risk

Of pain and desolation

But the repercussions

Of your affection

The reverberations

Within my very core

Are worth any heartache

Any torment that I suffer

For I am staggered at the heights

To which you take me

And thunderstruck

With longing for your touch

I am no longer merely me

But made anew

With what you add

Your passage through my soul

Has left its mark

A gift

I will carry with me ever more

© Ann Bagnall and, 2012.


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