What the Heart Already Knows

 What the Heart Already Knows

 All is dust, forgotten

And you are wandering aimlessly

Through the endless expanse of waiting

Always keeping to yourself

Behind walls of complex making

Always a new disguise

That has a purpose you cannot tell

That speaks to you of emptiness

Of voids within the heart

In a place of silence

You will discover instead

An echo from times long past

It will come to you on the wind

Its irresistible ebb and flow

Unfurled into today

Fragile connections

Unfinished dreams

That draw you into love again

Here, in this unlikely place

Longing will surrender to fullness

Rushing in like the tide

Tumbling in the like first light of day

Returning in the moonlight

And in the sounds of Spring

Here will be peace and stillness

In this place, here is your purpose

The mystery of this simple moment

The weavings of the ages

And in this will be the sure reflection

Then you will remember

What the heart already knows

© Ann Bagnall and AnnieB222.com, 2013.


4 thoughts on “What the Heart Already Knows

  1. You write such beautiful poetry and the pictures that accompany them are so exquisite as well. Thank you for blessing us with them. I look forward to reading them every morning I get up. Have a blessed day.


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