Cheating Time

Cheating Time

She sits alone

In quiet contemplation

Her eyes behold a scene

That only she can see

The night falls upon her

In frozen shades of blue

And the shadows

Cover her face

And crowd her soul

But in her sight

She has a place

Where the cold

That falls upon her now

Is but a dream

Where reality is soft

And warming breezes blow

A beautiful rose

A fragrant meadow

Her love by her side

A quiet heart

A promise

And a long path to follow

Time seemed to fill her cup

To overflowing

And life was like a butterfly

Ever floating

From one blossom

To another

The fragile nature of time

Hidden by the honeyed taste

Of the sublime

And even now

She dallies there

And in her own way

Is ever

Cheating time

© Ann Bagnall 2013.


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