One Fatal Footstep

One Fatal Footstep

On this road where nobody else travels

Nameless, I walk in dreams

My words are senseless

My turbulent mind

Longing for this night to pass

Low but constant

Burns the flame of love

Lying between flesh and bone

Magnificent days

Magnify my pain

Love is a blind path

Turning into a labyrinth

A lovely blossom trail

Where my dream leads me forward

My eyes open to the light

I am naked in the rain

And my soul bathes

In the blue mirror

Of your eyes

Oh how I fell

And oh, how far it seems

For the earth to reach to the sky

This floating world

These shores where dark waves beat

Only the wind is sighing by

I can hear a leaf

Falling on the ground

One fatal footstep

One small candle

One tragic minute

Then only ashes

Scattering in the winds

Only heartbeats short of eternity

Only in my dreams

 Can I follow you

And only my love


© Ann Bagnall 2013.


3 thoughts on “One Fatal Footstep

  1. This is a wonderful piece. I particularly love this portion:

    Love is a blind path
    Turning into a labyrinth

    Great job Annie!


    1. Thanks Joel! Sorry for the delay in responding but having some internet and phone issues post big storms early in the week – daily posts are pre-scheduled but answering comments needs a connection!!


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