The Quiet Water of Dreams

The Quiet Water Of Dreams

Each time I close my eyes

In this place of many shadows

My thoughts flow free

Like a warm morning breeze

Upon a shoreless sea

Trailing a wake of silken cloud astern

I can fly wherever I please

The stirring of sleepy serpents

Swim in the satin below

While the gentle winds play

Upon the quiet water of dreams

In this floating life, vivid with detail

Whispers of my own creation

In their ever-changing themes

Appear to crystallise

Out of the unseen void

Awakening  to myself

I reveal my true nature

A kaleidoscope

Of hidden love and desires

Here I can capture those words

I cannot speak out loud

And the velvet nights of passion

Flowing in my mind

The reflections of the heart

Filling the recesses of my mind

Before the room takes shape

And they are gone

Like a faint memory

Delicious, but far away

Half-remembered dreams

Lingering in the shadows of the day

© Ann Bagnall and, 2015.

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