Wishing, for a sunrise song of birds

Wishing for a sunset veiled in gold

Wishing for a still, reflective silence

Wishing for a sparkling, sapphire sky

Wishing for a day of storms and thunder

Wishing for a precious recollection

Wishing for a touch, that burns forever

Wishing for a shadow in the mirror

Wishing for a life beneath my dreams

Wishing for a far, familiar voice

Wishing for a yet unbroken promise

Wishing for a yet un-promised truth

 © Ann Bagnall and AnnieB222.wordpress.com, 2013.




4 thoughts on “Wishing

    1. Thanks for dropping by Noora and I’m glad that you enjoyed this one. It was an experiment, my poetry is not usually in this style, so I am happy that people have enjoyed it! Usually I write from a place that even I can’t reach unless the universe allows it, but every now and then I try something to see if it works, and whilst they are not the same as my ‘otherwordly’ creations, they are fun to write!


      1. You too Noora – I briefly visited your blog tonight (to make sure you were not spam lol) and am looking forward to reading your work too!


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