Let The River Flow

Let The River Flow

 Darkness falls on everyone

It is falling still

Despair and emptiness hide unseen

These are the voices

Of denied tomorrows

And of deluded yesterdays

Tears collide with feelings never shown

Yet like a running brook

That sings its melody to the night

The beauty and peace of the morning

Ushers away the dark and ebbing tides

The colours of the day move in

Blossoms burst in fragrant flower

And fill the fragile heart with joy

Know that pages are being written

Unwoven thought, unmade dreams

In the new tracings of light

Through the endless blue

In the sighing of the wind

If we let the river flow

From the deep well

At the source of tears

The beginnings we see dimly

Will run through the shadows

Reaching for the light

And the dark memories of yesterday

Will disappear

Like shooting stars

© Ann Bagnall and AnnieB222.com, 2013.


5 thoughts on “Let The River Flow

    1. Thanks – and so weird you would get that from this poem given it’s origin – I wrote this a long time ago now although in the wake of this past week it seems like yesterday – it was a reflection on 9/11 and I posted it this week because I remembered it and went back and found it – it (for me anyway) is an attempt to acknowledge the pain and find some optimism for the future, that people who perpetrate these hideous crimes try to steal from us all.


      1. Wow, that’s interesting – I guess the themes are so similar between the events. In any case it works beauifully as a poem in its own right on a more universal theme, but it did make me think of Boston, so it makes sense that 9/11 could have been its origin. 🙂


      2. It does seem more general without the context that’s why I was surprised to pretty much nailed it – but every time I see any footage of that day all I can hear in my head is “darkness falls on everyone, it is falling still” – so much of what was shown to the world that day was in fact darkness falling (smoke, ash, debris, even people) and what everyone felt (survivors, those who lost loved ones, and the rest of us who were a party to their pain) was in effect, darkness falling. All these years later, and we have had to change our world and how we react and behave in many ways, and people will never now feel safe in the same way – then things happen again, like Boston, and here we are, still falling.


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