One Voice

One Voice

I have been waiting for someone

Someone who knows

My one true love

A matching, endless, desire

Nothing withheld

I hear the rolling waves of sleep

And dreams softly take me

Swirling around me in the night

Their beauty flows

Slipping around the ruins

Of what has gone before

Hidden in history

Covered by time

Distilled in emptiness

The ice breaks up


Merging within me

Streams, running quietly

I am within a cool summer breeze

Soaring between sapphire clouds

I feel the touch of beauty

Fallen upon me

I feel the hush of the woods

And then the birds fly

All at once

To a garden of stars

Upon a shoreless sea

It is more beautiful than light

Than falling snow

This small wind that brings me to you

Like music

Or breath

Or love

It will light the days of our hearts

Seemingly random fates intertwine

And two souls in love

Become one voice

© Ann Bagnall and, 2013.


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