I slide my finger

Across the glass

Trace out the letters

Of your name

The moisture

Runs down the window

Like tears

Dripping from each figure

Clouding my eyes

Distorting the view

The fog

Slowly reclaims

The space

That bore your name

Dissolves the words

Beyond recognition

But the letters leave a scar

A trace

Indelible, still visible

Barely recognisable

As you are

Mirrored in my heart

The marks left by you

Still present

In the wreckage of my dreams

I can see you still

In my mind, faintly

As the letters of your name survive

As I feel the damp

Against my skin

The frozen reminder

Of my finger

On the icy pane

Slowly receding

I feel the warmth

Of you against me

Within me

Seeping away

A fragment of memory

Burned into me

Gradually fading


© Ann Bagnall and AnnieB222.wordpress.com, 2013.


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