Poetry Clips (Themes And Dates)

‘Poetry Clips’!

Poetry Clips are weekend events where I choose a theme and publish a series of 8 or more poems on that topic over the course of the day.

A list of topics and dates is hereunder – so if you visit you can check the themes and the published dates so it will be easy for you to go back and read if you would like to.

June 2021

5th: Melancholy

6th: Echo/Echoes (Part 1)

12th: Echo/Echoes (Part 2)

13th: Echo/Echoes (Part 3)

19th: Perfume (Part 1)

20th: Perfume (Part 2)

26th: Answer

27th: In The Silence (Part 1)

July 2021

3rd: In The Silence (Part 2)

4th: Despair

10th: Hold (Part 1)

11th: Hold (Part 2)

17th: Haiku – Rest (Part 1)

18th: Haiku – Rest (Part 2)

24th: Shift/Shifting

25th: Blush

31st: How Do You Melt In The Rain?

August 2021

1st: Light As A Feather (Part 1)

7th: Light As A Feather (Part 2)

8th: Haiku – Obscure

14th: Haiku – Hunger

15th: Wither

21st: Keep It A Secret (Part 1)

22nd: Keep It A Secret (Part 2)

28th: Before

29th: Never

September 2021

4th: While We Were Apart

5th: Languid

11th: Poetry From Wildflowers

12th: Haiku – Watch

18th: Clock

19th: Crowd

25th: Haiku – Care

26th: I Was Too Empty For Words (Part 1)

October 2021

2nd: I Was Too Empty For Words (Part 2)

3rd: Haiku – Return (Part 1)

9th: Haiku – Return (Part 2)

10th: Morning Song From A Blushing River

16th: Journey (Part 1)

17th: Journey (Part 2)

23rd: Escape

24th: Voice

30th: One Hour Left

31st: Never Mind

November 2021

6th: Anguish

7th: Whisper My name

13th: There Is No Sun Today

14th: Lest

20th: Haiku – Hold

21st: Rose/Roses

27th: There Were Blossoms On The Tree

28th: Ache

December 2021

4th: Sapphires in Moonlight

5th: Wish

11th: Haiku – Talk

12th: Thunder

18th: Under The Dreaming Tree

19th: Night Blooms

25th: We Look But Rarely See

26th: Unravelling

January 2022

1st: The Darkness Within

2nd: Well Of Silence

8th: It Weighs Heavy

9th: Rain

15th: Weeping

16th: Stars And Sea

22nd: Fragment (Part 1)

23rd: Fragment (Part 2)

29th: The Time I Take

30th: Violet (In ten words)

The Gift of Melancholy. Working through the pain in life. | by Jeffrey  Erkelens | Real Life Resilience | Medium

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