Introducing ‘Poetry Clips’ (Themes & Dates)

Introducing ‘Poetry Clips’!

I have decided to have some weekend events (maybe often – maybe not!) where I will choose a theme and publish edited excerpts from some of my larger poems that include that theme (somewhat like my micropoetry).

I thought it would be nice to publish more than one poem a day on the weekend (it has been a long time since I have done this) and this seems like a simple way to do it! These will be titled ‘Poetry Clips’ and will include the theme word.

If you have a theme you would like me to try – let me know in a comment and I will see what I can do! (remember though – the theme needs to be topics I write about)

I will maintain a list and the dates hereunder as we go so if you visit you can check the themes and the published dates so it will be easy for you to go back and read if you would like to.

5 June 2021: Melancholy

6 June 2021: Echo/Echoes (Part 1)

12 June 2021: Echo/Echoes (Part 2)

13 June 2021: Echo/Echoes (Part 3)

19 June 2021: Perfume (Part 1)

20 June 2021: Perfume (Part 2)

26 June 2021: Answer

27 June 2021: In The Silence (Part 1)

3 July 2021: In The Silence (Part 2)

4 July 2021: Despair

10 July 2021: Hold (Part 1)

11 July 2021: Hold (Part 2)

17 July 2021: Haiku – Rest (Part 1)

18 July 2021: Haiku – Rest (Part 2)

24 July 2021: Shift/Shifting

25 July 2021: Blush

Date to be advised: Fall/Falling

The Gift of Melancholy. Working through the pain in life. | by Jeffrey  Erkelens | Real Life Resilience | Medium

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